Animated Tile Sets in Unity

In the newest version of Unity (2021.1.12f1), it is simple to create animated tiles for your project.

The first step is the same as the normal tile sets. Create a new Tile Palette for your animated tiles.

For the animated tiles, go to the package manager and install the 2D Tilemap Extras.

Make sure to show Unity Registry

In the project window, create a folder for your animated tiles and add right-click and select Create => 2D => Tiles => Animated Tiles

Now select the number of animated sprites you have and fill them in.

Set the minimum speed to what you want it at for your project.

Pull this animated tile into your palette and you will be ready to use the animated tiles.

The animation only plays when you are in play mode




Unity Game Developer and C# Programmer

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Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

Unity Game Developer and C# Programmer

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