Moss Giant Animation Setup in Unity

In this article, I will walk through the steps of setting up animations for the moss giant enemy I am adding to my game.

To start, I set up the enemy similar to the player. The moss giant will have an empty game object and the sprite will be attached to it.

Go to the animations and make sure they are sliced to the correct size.

Create a new animator for your moss giant sprite.

Hit record, and drag the idle animation sprites into the animator and slow it down to 15 frames per second.

This will apply the idle animation to the moss giant.

Create a new clip and go through the same process for the walking animation.

Inside the animator set up the animations to transition from idle to walk. To transition from walk to idle I will add a parameter that will be a trigger to go to idle.

This will make the moss giant go from idle and walk indefinitely for now.



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